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MUST WATCH: Judge Jeanine’s EPIC racism, spin and fabrication justification…

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Hey, if I was a normal, logical thinking person, I’d be all, “F#@k yeah Judge Jeanine! You tell ’em!”. Unfortunately, use only logic today and you’re screwed. Why you ask? Let’s investigate her logic, but first, the video…

Now, everything she says seems to make sense upon first hearing. The following post is not made in defense of the alleged suspect that is still alive, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, or Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Personally, I would like them to be the guilty party so that we have the suspect in custody and there’s no one else roaming around. I too hope justice is served properly in the name of the victims. As fair and just Americans, we need to prove whether he is innocent or guilty first. When emotions run rampant, we encounter scenarios such as entire wars, speaking specifically of Iraq. Our emotions skewed our thoughts to start a war with a country which had nothing to do with a September 11th attack. Instead, a lie of weapons of mass destruction possession and building was somehow crossed into war being payback for the attacks against the United States. Our emotions, speaking for the general public, felt calmed by claiming vengeance. Surely we have learned from our mistakes?


This is also to bring to light the clear violations of our Constitution following the Boston bombings, in which we trade security for liberty. Because, “Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.” There was actually an abundance of security at the event, included privately contracted ex military and navy seals. They were also within about 30 feet of the bomb going off. The cheering of “lock-down”, which is a cleaner, more friendly way to say martial law, is something we should be deeply concerned about. The suspect was not even captured due to the lock-down martial law.

  • “He couldn’t address the problem until authorities lifted a “shelter-in-place” order for residents of Watertown, Massachusetts, about 6 p.m. Friday.”…
    “And I looked back and forth a couple of times and my eyes went to the engine block and there was a body,”

Although we live in a more complicated world, those ideas of the Constitution and Bill of Rights will always hold true. Just as our basic golden rules will always hold true. To not steal, cheat, lie, kill, treat others and you’d like to be treated etc. Those may still like to argue those founding fathers, “wore wigs, stockings, lived in simpler times, had slaves… what do they know?”. Although they may have at times broken their own rules, as in every man is created equal, it does not tarnish the principle and it’s value.

Lastly, this is not to show the numerous discrepancies of events that happened during the bombings, capture, odd events that happens, lies etc. There are plenty of websites out there which you may view for that analysis. This is purely how our psyche works and how we are psychologically effected by how the news reports stories and skews facts. Regardless of if those reported on facts are even true or not. That’s my disclaimer, so on to the analysis.


1:30 – He’s an alleged terrorist, she’s describing why it’s not of his character. Plus it’s her son. Mothers will defend their sons to death, regardless of their guilt or lack thereof. Anyone has the right to not like another person, even if they do nice things for you. It’s called life. She’s not saying, “You should be grateful I didn’t reject you.”.

1:45 – This is taken out of context/rambling of a mother who lost basically both of her sons. Although I agree, there’s not really any excuse to say that you don’t care if yourself, or a loved one or anyone in general dies or not. She’s saying they are protected by god, she doesn’t care what happens or if he dies, it’s in gods hands/she has no control of the situation and she can’t do anything about it. Listen to more of the interview here to see how Judge Jeanine completely spins this, which they even splice audio together and you can hear the splice points. Judge Jeanine’s spin says that this mother is sacrificing her kids by encouraging their killing innocent people in the name of god:

2:15 – The clip you showed does sound like someone who is thinking carelessly, not a radical. Because if you listen to the clip in context, with what she’s talking about before and after, rather than a clip of that, you would understand.

2:17 – She’s not sacrificing her son for god. She just made that up. No where does she say that. Allahu Akbar simply means “God is great”. It sounds like she’s extremely angry that her sons life is probably over, along with another who’s actually is over.

2:29 – She never said she knew he was a Muslim Jihadist. Muslim Jihadist is a pretty derogatory and ignorant words. Jihad is commonly misunderstood as “Holy War”. If you listen to her speak, she said he was a nice boy who accepted people. I’m not defending her, but then again I’m not literally making up things. Not to mention, WE are the ones that knew he could be potentially radical and harmful. He was being watched by both the Russians and Americans.

2:36 – She believes he’s innocent Judge Jeanine. She’s saying why not spare him if you believe he did the bombing and send him to Guantanamo Bay. Stop making things up.

3:05 – Technically, yes, America literally took her kids from her. Whether they are guilty or not, which still has to be proven in a court and I’m not saying one way or the other, yes, they were killed and the other one was captured and is in custody. That’s just coming from a completely unbiased viewpoint of mine which doesn’t literally make up statements.

3:19 – Actually, lock-down, which is just the fancy new way to say martial law, was not forced by two alleged bombers. The lock-down actually did nothing, which you would know if you followed the story and have seen how they were actually captured.

3:25 – Yes, America should protect every citizen until proven guilty in the court of law. That’s America. How many times have you heard stories of DNA analysis proving wrongfully jailed innocent people? And that’s with a trial. I couldn’t imagine never having a trial. We would all be witches, burned at the stake by mere allegations.

5:34 – Every American, should again, protect every citizens rights until proven guilty in the court of law. As a United States citizens, you are granted the “right to remain silent” from the mere fact of birth. It is legally re-established within the Constitution. He was not showered with rights by simply having read his Miranda rights. They were already his, as they should be for everyone.

5:57 – This is extremely ignorant. There will always be people who hate others. Just as in America, there are those who are racist, want others, even in their own country, to die. In some cases they actually kill each other in America. Those people are all over and to create such a divide by saying, “They hate us. They chant death to America…”, directing it towards Muslims or saying it in a fashion that Muslims are terrorists and radical Jihadists, is terrible because it’s simply not true and you can never speak for a whole group of people.

6:00 – We give “them” billions and arms? Maybe you should question why we literally arm radicals and in some cases they turn against us. Giving rebels arms and money to kill other people is sick, and her implying they should be grateful is even more disturbing.

6:18 – Again, so much ignorance I don’t have to explain.

7:17 – No Judge Jeanine. We do want her here. We want to question her. We want to know more so that we can potentially learn from Boston to prevents events like this in the future. Emotionally stable people will realize this as a means to a solution.


This is all painful to hear because I understand the average person will grow more divided between cultures and actually want “justice”. Justice as in, give no person in this group rights, or even worse, kill these people. How many times have you heard, “Yeah f$#k them, just make those sand n#$%rs country into a parking lot”…? I hear this all over the internet and at times with people I meet. It’s terrible because they all are not like that. A few do not speak or stand for the whole.

I only hope my analysis brings to your attention how these statements stir up emotions in you personally, and in turn, create these kinds of dividing ideas in your own mind. We’ve all had it happen to us before, even myself. The more we are aware of these tactics and techniques, the better we can defend our minds and gain greater perspective on the truth. The truth which cannot be summed up to you in a 7 minute emotional rant.
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